VIP System

Our VIP system grants our VIP members such cool new features such as (resizable character, new glow, pet auras, name color, fast awakening window and so much more.

Roulette System

Our new Roulette System is more of like wheel of fortune type of style. We got 3 different type of Roulette Tickets [Vote Points, Donate Points, Normal Ticket]. Which means you can edit 3 different tickets that can be placed on VP Shop, DP shop, Ingame Shop. You can put up to 16 rewards and only 1 will be chosen as a reward. You may also edit the percentages obviously.

Ingame Webshop

Our ingame webshop needs no more logging out and logging back in to see your items bought on VP/DP Section. It goes straight in to your inventory

Weapon Leveling

Each level can give you 1 Stat point. Choose Wisely. You can also change the stats in the source. Each hit on monsters will grant experience on your weapon/s. Instantly killing the monster will not count and will not give you any experience. You may edit also the variables that needs for each hit. ie [1 hit = 0.1 each 100k dmg]

Seasonal Pass

This system was our biggest project and all thanks to for making it happen. This system is our Seasonal Pass that will give out exclusive items, fashions, wings, mounts that only the owners of the Seasonal Pass can get. Each level gives out different kinds of rewards, for it to level up you can either buy points or 2x Exp gain or you can do Quests. You can preview even the items that are to be rewarded each level. Each Season will change every 90 days.

Achievement System

Complete the desired quest to get Items + Permanent buffs. You may edit the Name of the quest [that way, there is a pattern to be followed on your players] ie. Flaris Knight = flaris requirements, Saintmorning Lord = Saintmorning requirements etc.
The rewards are permanent buffs that players will get. You may edit the Monsters/Bosses to be killed, Quest items to be collected and more.

Advanced Daily and Weekly Quest

This will track down your finished quests, each boxes will give the players different kinds of rewards. You may edit the boxes with different rewards up to 5 rewards for each boxes. Each day/week it resets depending on what day you made it.

Talent Tree System

Talent Tree, you have to pick out your own path, basically it requires Rebirth Levels (1 RB=1Point) Each stats will be stackable. EX: Monster Slayer gives First box - 15 str , 10 adoch , crit chance 10 [when added another point it adds up another 15 str , 10 adoch , crit chance 10 making it 30str , 20 adoch , crit chance 20]

Dungeon Run System

Dungeon Run will have 3 entries each Mode [Easy / Normal / Insane] Total of 9 Entries per day. Obviously, you can also edit the damages multiplier of the monsters inside the dungeon. Each Dungeons will read what quest items drop there, and what boss are inside that dungeon. You may also edit the runs the players do each day on a specific dungeon [ie. Kalgas Dungeon = 1 run each mode, Ankous Asylum Dungeon = 2 runs on Easy Mode, 1 run on Normal Mode and 3 Runs on Insane Mode] and so on.

Mechanical Bosses

Spice up with your fights with boss mechanics!
Dodge attacks, position correctly, and coordinate with your team to take the least damage possible.
Bosses each have their own attack pattern script they will follow, using various skills to make it harder for players to defeat them.

World Colosseum

is our new specialized system, this system will invite all players that are online if they want to join the World Colo. If players join, they will get teleported into a Map which all players will get to fight a Tanky Boss, this boss will drop Currencies.
Each boss gives out different sets of drops that can be later be used to buy Exclusive Items. Setting up for this system is like setting up for Guild Siege, you just need the Day and time of summoning.